Logo Configurator

Recognizability, the key to a successful business.

This recognizability often starts with the logo that represents your business like no other. Don’t sell yourself and your company short and have your company professionally marketed with a logo from LK Branding.

Step 1

Image & Wishes

How would you like to be seen by customers
For example: Modern, Transparent, Accessible, Exclusive, etc.
A logo looks best with 3 colors, this can include black and/or white.

Step 2

Our designer is going to work on it

After filling out the form our designer will get to work to write down 4 proposals and develop them into unique and professional logo designs. A corporate identity is never created alone, it consists of your own vision and wishes combined with our expertise. Good work takes time, our goal is to create a complete corporate identity within 2 weeks that puts your company on the market in a recognizable way.

Lars van de Kerkhof

Een logo is veel meer dan een beeldmerk alleen, deze moet herkenbaarheid en expertise uitstralen. That's why I always say:

"A design should not shout but speak a thousand words."

Graphic Designer

These smarts went before you...

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